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Tomatometers 7,2 / 10 Star 2019 Directed by Tom Harper Jack Thorne 100 minutes story Pilot Amelia Rennes (Felicity Jones) and scientist James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) find themselves in an epic fight for survival while attempting to make discoveries in a gas balloon. If Eddie Redmayne was my instructor I wouldn't mind failing a few times to get more retakes with him 😏. Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot. Greetings again from the darkness. 'Up, up, and away, in my beautiful balloon.' That song says nothing about a lack of oxygen (hypoxemia) a malfunctioning valve, or frost bite. all of which come into play in this story inspired by real life events of 1862 in London. Tom Harper directed the excellent WILD ROSE earlier this year, and for this one, he and his co-writer Jack Thorne (WONDER, 2017) base the story on both the real life record-breaking flight of scientist James Glaisher and balloon pilot Henry Coxwell, and Richard Holmes' book "Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air.'
Reuniting from THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING (2014) where they played Stephen Hawking and wife Jane, are Eddie Redmayne (as scientist-with-a-chip James Glaisher) and Felicity Jones (as fictional balloon pilot Amelia Wren/Rennes. yes, naming your female pilot Amelia is so very creative. Courageous real life balloon pilot Henry Coxwell gets nary a mention here, as new world cinema must require a female lead or co-lead for every filmmaker not named Martin Scorsese. So, to heck with history, Amelia Wren is now the hero of this adventure!
As it turns out, Ms. Jones' character is the more interesting of the two. Amelia's initial showmanship catches nerdy Glaisher off-guard, though in fact, both are over-compensating. He, for his inferiority complex and the ridicule he endures from his fellow brainiacs at the Royal Society of London, and she for the tragic loss of her beloved husband in a balloon mishap. The mismatched pair are on a mission to fly higher than any human has previously flown, and in the process, allow Glaisher to record all the atmospheric readings possible in order to prove to the skeptics that meteorology is legitimate, and the weather can be predicted (although almost 160 years later, most weather reporters still haven't quite gotten the hang of it.
It's a tricky thing filming two characters who spend most of the movie floating tens of thousands of feet above ground in a wicker basket. The banter between the two should be crisp and the connection or disconnect should add intrigue. Here, the two characters are dwarfed by the giant balloon and the challenges that brings. What begins as an adventure morphs into a tale of survival. Storms, frostbite and technical issues provide the conflict. We do have flashbacks to background on both Amelia and Glaisher. Himesh Patel (star of this year's YESTERDAY) plays Glaisher's best friend, while Tom Courtenay and Anne Reid are Glaisher's parents. Vincent Perez appears as Amelia's husband Pierre.
I was fortunate enough to see this in a theatre and the big screen allows for the balloon effects to have full impact. There is no doubt that streaming this on your TV will not be as impressive. although anyone suffering from acrophobia will likely still experience some discomfort. The scenes in the balloon are thrilling, and Amelia's rescue mission up the ropes is stunning and beautifully filmed by cinematographer George Steel; however, the flashback scenes are quick to deflate the excitement. The upside here is that the English really did break the French record on the flight. even if the filmmaker had to bend history so Amelia could get credit.


Watch Stream ã‚ントã‚・ã‚・スカ゠æ—球で未æã‚’å‰ãˆãŸãµãŸà bloglines. While I really thought Eddie Redmayne was fantastic as Stephen Hawking, I still thought this award should have gone to Michael Keaton for Birdman. Keaton's performance was absolutely mesmerizing, and I really hoped that he had won Best Actor. エディの演技力に圧倒された. 視線を動かす仕草座り方歩き方 全ての動きが女性だった 物語も衝撃的でLGBTへの思い方も変わる. Watch Stream ã‚ントã‚・ã‚・スカ゠æ—球で未æã‚’å‰ãˆãŸãµãŸà vendre. Watch Stream ã‚ントã‚・ã‚・スカ゠æ—球で未æã‚’å‰ãˆãŸãµãŸà louer dans le quartier. Watch Stream ã‚ントã‚・ã‚・スカ゠æ—球で未æã‚’å‰ãˆãŸãµãŸà la.

Why even though his getting a freekin Oscar does he still look like his about to fall over Edit:by the way Im not hating I love how he does this. Watch Stream ã‚ントã‚・ã‚・スカ゠æ—球で未æã‚’å‰ãˆãŸãµãŸà louer. I believe a grand opportunity to produce an epic movie was lost. What a subject! The age of discoveries, the sky as the limit, amazing atmosphere, plenty of potential.
But then, the movie is over and I leave the theater as someone who was invited to a feast and ended up munching some peanuts. where is the promised feast?
Awesome photography, great scenarios but there is nothing in the movie to fill them. Hollow, dry.

Damn hes so 🔥 and adorable 😊 You deserved that oscar so glad he won he played Stephen Hawking so well it gave me chills. 普通ホラー映画とかサイコ映画って薄暗い雰囲気だけどこんなに明るくて爽やかな色味だけど怖いって言うのが不気味だな. Watch Stream ã‚ントã‚・ã‚・スカ゠æ—球で未æã‚’å‰ãˆãŸãµãŸà vendre dans le quartier. 最後の穴から覗く扉の向こうは絶対ろくでもない物があるんだろうな.

0:07 実際にどうぶちゅ園って言ってほしいわぁ... 🤦🏻‍♀️. Hey, I'm no aeronautic historian or engineer, and I found this movie totally enjoyable. Well acted, a gripping story, great (albeit highly improbable) action and excitement. I mean, it is a movie right? Well worth the investment in time. Watch Stream ã‚ントã‚・ã‚・スカ゠æ—球で未æã‚’å‰ãˆãŸãµãŸà jour.


このコラボは私得すぎる!!!!!. きたきたきたきた!!!!. 来世はエディと結婚したいわあ. ふくらはぎに力入らねぇ... エディレッドメインがでる映画は全部素晴らしい. 二人の組み合わせ最高ですね~🥺 ラミ可愛い‼︎🤦‍♀️.


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