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Duration=1H 53 Minutes
Charlie Hunnam, Jeremy Strong

Tomatometer=8,5 of 10
Abstract=The Gentlemen is a movie starring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, and Michelle Dockery. An American expat tries to sell off his highly profitable marijuana empire in London, triggering plots, schemes, bribery and blackmail in
Ivan Atkinson, Guy Ritchie

Hugh Grant actually playing a character thats basically not himself? Never thought Id see the day

Guy Ritchie doing Guy Ritchie stuff. I'm sold. They made a mistake with this trailer. They've set my expectations extremely high lol. I'm so hyped. And Hugh Grant is so great and different to anything else he has done. Since Marvel stopped releasing movies we are only getting awesome movies wow. Once upon a time in hollywood, the irishman and now this? Please Marvel, don't release more movies plz. Está película nos dice como estamos hoy en día envenenados por el gobierno. The gentlemen los señores de la mafia trailer. In all Guy Ritchie's crime caper movies there is, perhaps, an amorality and glorification of violence which ordinarily I would find unedifying. But only once, in the morally bankrupt RocknRolla, did this ruin the film and have me booing, metaphorically, at the end; his undoubted talent as a filmmaker has glossed over these shortcomings on all other occasions.
The Gentlemen is the latest in the series, written and directed by Mr Ritchie. Matthew McConaughey plays drug lord Mickey Pearson who is looking to sell his British interests, attracting the attention of other underworld figures keen to inherit his thriving empire.
Guy Ritchie's sharp direction and non-lateral storytelling are on top form. The script is crisp and witty, the continual plot twists keep you on your toes. If you feel some of the Mockney dialogue is a little bombastic, well, it'd be like going to watch a Carry On film and then complaining about double entendres - over the top dialogue is what he does; it's his trademark. And his homage to The Long Good Friday is a nice touch and contains a further surprise.
Most of the cast are also on top form, clearly enjoying themselves. Special mention to Hugh Grant playing a seedily odious private investigator-cum-blackmailer. His portrayal is something of a meta joke, channelling his hatred of the British tabloid hacks who have famously pursued the illegal tactics which his character practices. Perhaps the only failure is Henry Golding, in his first role outside rom-com, not quite convincing as a would-be Pablo Escobar. And it's a shame the excellent Colin Farrell's role isn't beefed up more. But these are mere quibbles.
The Gentlemen is a fast paced and laugh out loud action movie, an enjoyable holiday treat for adults.

The gentleman: los señores de la mafia completa. Alright, guy who looks like Hugh Grant! You can't fool us. This movie is too violent for that english treasure. The Queen only allows him to do rom-coms. The gentleman: los señores de la mafia de. Didnt know Hugh Grant was actually Michael Cain. The gentlemen 3a los se c3 b1ores de la mafia design.

Wow thats Hugh grant. Yep everyone dies in this movie or the one or 2 characters no one like lives. Casting looks promising. When the Hell did The Terminator become a Univision produccion. Bruce Banner ejerciendo uno de sus tantos doctorados.

Alright pharhuq - calm The pharhuq. Down. 😎 🖕 👊

The gentleman: los señores de la mafia y. The gentlemen los señores de la mafia online. Falto jhon travolta. Va,al final lo cabrean,se transforma en hulk y les da de hostias a no interesa jaja empresas quimicas a mi jaja. Guy Ritchie makes some badass movies! Tough but funny. The Rock n Roller movie was the best I think. The gentleman: los señores de la mafia 3. Promete. Terminator: Feminist Edition.

Linda Hamilton - still a badass

The Gentlemen: Los seÃores de la mafia. Sarah: because we're not machines... Carl. um. The gentlemen los señores de la mafia filmaffinity. Charlie Hunnam That's the comnent. The gentlemen los señores de la mafia trailer español. I love British mobster movies. It's beeen a looongg time since we've seen a Guy Ritchie film like that.

Great plot, great actors and this film is up there with Lock Stock & Snatch.
Oh mi querido jack teller de hijos de la anarquia! Me la apunto. Saludos cuervo.
The gentlemen los señores de la mafia critica.
The gentlemen los señores de la mafia.
Charlie hunnam's hair is allways perfect.

The gentlemen los señores de la mafia estreno españa. The movie hasnt come out. SEQUAL. I was already pretty sold and then I seen my man Jeremy strong pop up. I can't freaking wait y'all. Gran reparto... Looks good but cant ever replace Bricktop. I got an ad for The Gentlemen on this vid. Nice.


The gentleman: los señores de la mafia pelicula. The gentleman: los señores de la mafia 5. This is what Ive been waiting for. Mark me encanta en todo, es genial, genial, genial. La vere.


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