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cast - James Caan, Mary Steenburgen / Deep into a swaying and lush bamboo forest, Okina, an elderly farmer, stumbles upon a mysteriously glowing bamboo stalk, that from within, a minuscule fairy-like creature enfolded in a royal robe sprouts before his amazed eyes. Without delay, the ageing man rushes to his wife, Ona, only to witness, much to their surprise, the tiny nymph transform into a baby. In the end, as the infant grows exponentially into a fine girl, the humble couple will take her to the capital, Kyoto, to make her an aristocratic and well-mannered lady worthy of Japan's most powerful suitors. But is this Princess Kaguya's fate? / 137Minute / Director - Isao Takahata / Creator - Isao Takahata / 30783 Votes.

Thanks a lot ! It's a wunderful performance. (lerning japanese at the moment) arrigato gozaimasu, hontoni subarashi ! hope thats roughly right. ALL THE BEST FROM GERMANY. Taketori monogatari Watch full. Somewhere can i download it.

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In the first half of the movie, I wanted to join the lead character in her idyllic world hearkening of a time past, a culture past, and an animation style long since abandoned in mainstream "cartoons." Only having watched several Asian movies did it prepare me for a bittersweet second half. Having said that, it was torture sitting that long in the movie hoping for a different outcome than what we would eventually be presented. I don't know the source folk tale the movie was based on but I do see traces of the Little Mermaid in it. It just shows how universal some fairy tale themes are and how they are altered just a tad depending on the culture.
If I was basing my enjoyment just on the last half and it's length, I would give this a lower rating. However, I am basing this on the fact that Studio Ghibli continues to put out meaningful movies, ala, Graveyard of the Fireflies." While there is a place for fantastical worlds and Disneyfied endings to fairy/folktales for the occasional escapism one needs to take in life, the source material for those Disney movies were very dark. I think it's necessary to fill one's childhood with a good balance of both because life doesn't always go how you want. There was nary a child in my showing which is a shame because I think mature children could have enjoyed this as well. The surprise in my showing was that there were so many men in the audience who did not look like they were drug there by a wife or girlfriend. Maybe they are like me with a love for Studio Ghibli and anything they do.

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