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  • Rating 47573 votes
  • Brief Idi i smotri is a movie starring Aleksey Kravchenko, Olga Mironova, and Liubomiras Laucevicius. After finding an old rifle, a young boy joins the Soviet resistance movement against ruthless German forces and experiences the horrors
  • 8,7 / 10 stars
  • Release Year 1985
  • runtime 142 minutes


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The soundtrack is an utter masterpiece. Watch Full Length Vá e vegas. The real munitions and demolition explosives give this movie and edge over all others, zero CGI. This is all in camera. : , . , , , . The Drill Sergeant reminded me of mine when i went threw Basic and AIT in 2011.

Sounds like you've been the one drinking, what are you babbling on about? And who cares if millions of Russians think that Stalin was good and great, Germany thought the same about their Red Fueher. since when does a concensus equate to fact and truth? YOU sound like an American. Now suck a Red cumrade. One of the greatest war films ever made. One of the greatest films ever made. AWFUL! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS! Your ignorance is all because you were disappointed that you think this not a War film? A War film is a film that takes place or is about a time in a war in which the characters experience, This film is about a boy who experiences the Nazi occupation of BSSR as a Partisan. Sounds like a War film to me.

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This movie was one of the most realistic movies I've ever seen. For a movie in a completely different language then English it was amazing how in touch I felt with each of the characters. It is a emotional roller coaster, I would advise watching this film with no references or pre knowledge of the plot. I watched it not knowing what to expect and I feel it affected me the most this way. I also don't want to write about the plot much because like I said I want you to have a clean slate once viewing. But even with such horrible images the pictures shot are also so beautiful. From a technical standpoint this movie is a masterpiece. I think what shocked me the most was how real everything was and how it was shot in almost a perspective view to make it feel as if I was there. Once my mind was connected with the film to make it seem as reality the story and plot hit me so much harder and by the end of the movie all i could really say to explain how i felt was numb.

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